Paid Advertising

A paid advertising publicizing technique isn’t only for getting your advertisements on the front pages of web search tools. You would now be able to publicize via online media and across numerous sites, stages and mediums.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is compensation for every snap web based publicizing stage that permits promoters to show their advertisements on Google’s web crawler results page. In view of the catchphrases that need to target, organizations pay to get their ads positioned at the highest point of the query items page. Since the stage runs on pay-per-click promoting, you need to pay just when a guest clicks your advertisement.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a most trendy social media platform and it’s used by almost from kids to oldies. Totem has designed a campaign for facebook advertising for your company and we promise that your facebook advertising reaches the right audience and right place. We make promotions that immediate traffic to your site and assist you with understanding your income objectives. We ensure that you can get the greatest profit by your promotion spend.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is a B2B publicizing huge platform, allowing you an edge and to interface with crowd individuals who might be more disposed to continue looking past when they’re looking through their Facebook channels and see your promotion, however who are glad to draw in when they’re in a business outlook.  This platform is for highly qualified or well setup public; Totem helps you get in touch with them such that make your image look proficient and forefront. 

Why Totem for Paid Advertising?

Every brand has a unique personality, our endeavour is to develop a strategy that resonates with the values your brand stands for. Our enormous expertise enables to offer tailormade solutions that best suit your brand, while optimizing the spend.

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