Lead Generation

Totem provides BtoC and BtoB lead generation services in India. With Lead generation services you will get

  • Increment in your sales,
  • Strategic leadership in the market and
  • Market share growth rate.
Totem Inbound Lead generation

In request to get your prestigious targeted groups to interface with your image, you should create leads the two different ways. Inbound lead age is tied in with situating yourself in the market so that your intended interest group comes to you. Inbound Lead Generation is the point at which you permit your possible clients to come to you through SEO and the arrangement of important substance. In contrast to outbound lead age, the possibility chooses when and how they will contact you.

Totem Outbound Lead Generation

It’s when you reached your desired audience. Totem takes your image to possibilities through a call, post e-mail shot or occasion. Talking straightforwardly to chiefs, leads are created through focused effort and effective publicizing. Totem intention is to make mindfulness just as to create interest in an item or administration, with the point of building a business pipeline. The best instances of outbound lead age are standard mail, direct messages and cold calls.

Online Lead Generation

With Totem’s excellent SEO services, we promise to make your website tops the search engine.

Totem B2B leads generation

B2B promoting is a critical piece of any business interaction. While a brand needs to interface with clients, it likewise needs to have to associate with providers and business customers. It assists organizations with discovering possibilities, sign agreements and organization with accomplices.

Totem can assist you with interfacing planned colleagues, and grow your circle of impact by producing leads through modified cycles. Totem has topped in generating leads for your business.

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